How it works

What is an online course?

An online course uses the Internet to deliver course materials and allow communication between the teacher and students. Most online courses use a combination of text, graphics, video clips, audio clips, animations, and interactive assessments. Communication between teachers and students is done through course messaging systems, email, and sometimes by phone or text.

Who takes an online course?

AccelerateU has served 3,000 secondary students across New York State. Students take online courses for credit recovery, greater course choice, and acceleration. Some students take courses online to make room in their schedule for other courses in district. Some of our students are homebound. Some travel and use our courses to keep up with credit accrual. We serve students of all abilities.

Will the course have a teacher?

Yes. All of our courses are led by New York State certified teachers. Many of them teach in districts during the school year, and will communicate with students on a regular basis, mainly through email. Usually they will respond to questions within 24-hours.

What do students do if they need help?

The district is responsible for technical support to ensure that its computers can run the AccelerateU courseware.

AccelerateU provides second-tier support at (800)-722-5797 or via email

The help desk is available for technical support Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM-4:30 PM.

For academic support, students should contact their online teachers.

For other support, students should contact their school advisor/coach.

How can districts best support their online students?

Each district is required to designate a local advisor/coach. This individual will be responsible for monitoring student progress, and meet with online students regularly. The advisor/coach works with the online teacher and AccelerateU staff to support the students progress.

The more structure a district adds to the online experience, the more successful students will be. This structure can be in the form of scheduled time during the day for online work, an active advisor, peer group, teacher assistant, and possibly a tutor or teacher to assist when necessary.

What hardware and software are needed to take an online course?

A modern computer with updated plug-ins, and a reliable Internet connection is required. Supported browsers include Google Chrome (this is recommended), Apple Safari and Internet Explorer.

Will students get high school credit?

Students successfully completing an online course will get credit for the course. The credit awarded will be determined by the local school district. Each of our courses are worth .5 credits.

Is online learning appropriate for all students?

Students who are independent and self-motivated tend to do very well in online courses.

To be successful, students need to work in their courses at least 3+ hours per week. For AP courses, students need to work in their courses at least 6+ hours per week.

If you have concerns or questions about the success of your student, please contact us to discuss.

When do courses start? Are there flexible start dates?

AccelerateU accepts course enrollments on a rolling basis, all year long. Once enrolled, students have 20 weeks to complete a course. With district approval, a four-week extension is available.

How quickly will the teacher respond to student questions?

Most of our online teachers teach during the day. They check email and respond to students at night and complete grading over the weekends. In most cases, teachers will respond within 24 hours. Students are encouraged to consult other resources and to move on in their course while waiting for their teacher's response.

An Overview Of How Online Courses Work

--From the day we enroll a student, he or she has 20 weeks to complete the course. Upon district request, we can grant students an additional 4 weeks to complete the course.

--Courses are online, available wherever students have Internet access.

--Students should work in their courses at their own pace, logging in at least 3-6 hours per week.

--New York State certified teachers monitor progress, clarify concepts, offer help, answer questions and provide grades.

--When students complete a course, they can earn New York State credit towards graduation, awarded by their districts

.--Students can work from home, at school and anywhere they have access to the Internet.

-All courses are taught by certified New York State teachers.

--Students experience flexibility not offered in traditional classrooms.

--Teachers communicate with students on a regular basis by course messaging and email.

Students from Lyons Central School District who took Physics as a class