Course List

AccelerateU offers a wide variety of courses that can be used towards graduation requirements

For initial credit, elective credit, acceleration and/or credit recovery. Our course offerings are listed below by subject area.  If you would like a syllabus with more information about any of the courses, please contact Mike Morone or Heather Stonecipher.

There may be a textbook purchase or required materials requirement for certain courses. Any courses requiring any additional materials will have a * next to their name in the course list. For more detailed information about the requirement materials that may be associated with a course, please contact us directly.  Here are some examples: 

  • AP Courses (some require additional materials/texts)
  • Foreign Language (require microphone/headset)
  • Science (may require hands-on labs for Regents credit)
  • Health and PE (require adult supervision and weekly log sheets)
Below is also a PDF version of the course list for you to use while discussing options with students.  This shows a breakdown of courses by semester/full year courses. 

Course List
(will download as PDF)

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