Blended Learning

Blended Learning Venn Diagram

In addition to asynchronous online courses using AccelerateU part-time teachers, AccelerateU also offers a blended learning option.

Using a district teacher and AccelerateU's content, training, system and support, we can partner with your district to offer students an online or blended course experience.

We call this blended learning option the "AccelerateU Classroom"

AccelerateU Classroom includes:

  • Onsite initial and follow-up training for your teacher(s)
  • Access to our information system and online course
  • Guidance and technical support
  • Opportunity to network with other online teachers
  • Enrollment for 12 students per section


  • $3,500 per teacher per semester course

Blended Learning AccelerateU Classroom 
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Contact Information

Mike Morone,, (315) 332-7331
Heather Pannucci, , (315) 332-7552