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Edutech Staff

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Deidre Abbott

Titles: Coordinator of Practical Nursing Program

Barbara Adams

Titles: Instructor Visual/IT

Lisa Albrecht

Titles: Sr. Account Clerk Typist

Kylie Anderson

Titles: Computer Services Assistant

Christine Angus

Titles: Coordinator Health Careers

Nicole Askin

Titles: Online Course Instructor

Ryan Ayers

Titles: Library Media Specialist

Sandra Baker

Titles: Payroll Specialist

Susan Balschmiter

Titles: Stenographer

Bernard Barnoski

Titles: Sr. Computer Services Assistant

Christine Barrett

Titles: Sr Account Clerk

Sherif Bashir

Titles: Computer Services Assistant

Sharon Bassage

Titles: Coordinator Science Programs

Keith Baughman

Titles: Computer Services Assistant

Shea Bedient

Titles: Messenger

Scott Benedict

Titles: Online Instructor

Christine Bennett

Titles: Coordinator of Employee Engagement, Online Course Instructor

Scott Bischoping

Deputy Superintendent
Titles: Deputy Superintendent

Melissa Bowman

Titles: Administrative Aide

Billie Brinkerhoff

Titles: Audio Visual Tech IT

Donna Brooks

Titles: Coordinator SETRC

Kelly Buirch

Titles: Coordinator E-Rate

Frank Buisch

Titles: Bldg Maint Mechanic

Jerry Bussey

Titles: Sr Computer Ser Asst

Steven Caleb

Titles: Sr. Application Support Services Asst.

Molly Campbell-Ellis

Titles: Coordinator OT/PT

William Campo

Titles: Coordinator of Multimedia Development

Gary Cannioto

Titles: Computer Services Assistant

Sue Carbone

Titles: Sr. Application Support Services Asst.

Aaron Carnell

Titles: Assistant Project Coordinator
1 2 3 8 > showing 1 - 30 of 220 constituents