Security Cameras FAQ

How do I access / look at the cameras?

You need an account. Contact EduTech Support Center Help Desk.  

What if I need to see additional cameras when I log into the system?

Contact the EduTech Support Center Help Desk. They will have your account moved into a group that has permissions to the cameras you need.

What if a camera needs re-focusing, cleaning or re-positioning?

Contact the EduTech Support Center Help Desk.  Maintenance contract hours are renewed each year.  BOCES has staff to attempt this, but often a Frontrunner tech must come and do the work as cameras are located precarious locations plus they know how to check it correctly and to make other camera adjustments if necessary.

I am unable to log into the web or desktop client.

There is no password or account recovery feature in the Genetec software.  Contact the EduTech Support Center Help Desk.

Have a question about the contract or cost of the system?

Contact Edutech Project Manager, Al Lucchese,

How do I access recorded video footage for a camera?

Most staff with access to the camera system can only view cameras.  Access to recorded footage is limited due to liability concerns. Contact the EduTech Support Center Help Desk

Who is Front-runner Network systems?

They are the company who manages the physical cameras and software (Genetec).

How do I know if a camera or door is off-line?

The camera name will appear red in the interface.

How do I report a camera or door is off-line?

Contact the EduTech Support Center Help Desk. They will diagnose the problem and attempt to resolve it. If Edutech is unable to resolve the issues they will report the issue to Front-runner.

What if the software is not unlocking a entrance doorway?

There is a manual override that allows the person monitoring the door to still let people in, except the handicap door in Maple, which has to be manually opened.

How long is video kept on the servers?

After 90 days, space on the video servers is recycled.

Accessing the Security Cameras

Access the system using the web client.  Security Center web client.

Security Center web client - login here

Genetec is the software used to  connect the cameras to the network.Frontrunner Systems is the vendor supporting the Genetec software.

Genetec also provides a desktop client called Security Desk that includes a Configuration Tool component.  Access is limited as It requires a large install and is not recommended.  EduTech recommends using the Security Center web client.

Most staff with access to the software only view cameras in their live state.   Investigation of camera footage is limited and requires permission from W-FL BOCES administration.