This form should be used by individuals who wish to request to have a file that exists on a district or EduTech resource, restored from a prior date. Please be thorough when submitting the form, as failure to do so will only create delays in processing the form.

Requester Information:

Please provide information about yourself. Your name will be on the service request that is created after submitting this form as the "Requester".

What is your first name?​​
What is your last name?​​
What is your email address?​
What organization do you belong to?​​

Request Detail:

Be thorough when providing the information below, as failure to do so will only lead to delays in processing this request.

What is the EXACT name of the file that you wish to have restored?​​​​​
**Be specific!​ (e.g. mydoc.docx --or-- all files with *.docx extension)​​​
What is the Name --or-- IP Address of the server where the file you specified was last stored?​​
What is the EXACT original path to the file that you wish to have restored?​​​
**Include Drive Letter and path (f:\data\) --or-- type a UNC path (e.g. \\servername\foldername\subfoldername\​​
From what date do you want the file restored from?​
**Select the approximate date on which the file you want restored, existed and was in the location you specified above.
What is the EXACT path to where the file you indicated above, should be restored to?​​​​​​
**This path MUST be different from the path you provided above (e.g. f:\data --or-- \\servername\foldername\restorefolder\​​​)​​


We will make every effort to complete this request in the time frame you specify, but please recognize that time to time we may not meet the deadline you provide due to circumstances beyond our control.

When should this request be completed by?​
Use this field to provide us with any special detail that might help us to process the request more quickly.​