This form must be submitted by individuals whom need direct access to data that resides in a Student System via CUSTOM Reports or when using an ODBC or SQL connection to extract data from the system, in situations where a built-in feature in the system doesn't already allow the user to do so easily.

What student system is this request for?​
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User Information:

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Request Details:

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What type of account is needed?​​
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Account Types Key:

Account TypeDescription
Read OnlyAllows users to only view data in every table in the student system - this is the account type you need if you are only running pre-made CUSTOM reports.

Read/Write Account

Allows user to view and write data to the tables in the student system

DBO Account

Blocks user from making system-wide changes, but user has "ownership" rights to the database that you're DBO of. User can make changes to the database, schema, views, etc, but only to that database.

System Admin Account

User has global access to the district database and MSSQL, can create custom tables and views, drop tables, delete data, etc.

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Technology Coordinator:

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