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Form Purpose:

This form should be used by individuals employed by vendors, each time they access any network or server supported by GV-WFL BOCES (EduTech).

The form serves as a log and should not be viewed as a "permission slip". Failure to submit this form within a timely manner, could result in the account being used by the vendor, getting revoked without warning.

Revocation will occur to maintain the overall security of our networks and servers.

Choose the company you work for from the list.​
This is the number in your tracking system that will allow us to view the details of what prompted you to provide us with support​
This is the name of the school you're providing us support for.​​​
What type of activity will you be completing?​​
Approximately what time will you begin the work?​​
Approximately what time might you stop working​​
List the username(s) you will login with, being sure to include both the VPN and Server Usernames, if different.​​​
What is the first and last name of the support person who will be using the account to perform the work?​​