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This form must be submitted by schools that need to request that EduTech share data from their student management system with third party software vendors. The form is required to comply with the following laws:


By submitting this, you are providing EduTech with information that will be used to generate an official "Release of Student Data" form. The official form is generated by an EduTech staff member, using all of the information you provide below after you click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the page.

Once you click the "Submit" button, an official form will be be generated by EduTech, and sent by post mail/email to the contacts you identify below. When these contacts receive the official form from EduTech, they must each print a copy and sign it, then return the signed copies to EduTech by scan or fax.


What is the Vendor Application that Data is to be Released To?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This is the Data Destination​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Other Vendor Application Name​​​
Enter the application name if it is not in the list above.​
For this application, we need to know where the data that's in the system physically resides. Is it on a server that's physically in one of your school buildings (hosted locally), or is it on-premise somewhere at the vendor (hosted "in the cloud")?​​​​​​

Since you indicated that the data for this application is "hosted locally", we need to know where to put the data that will come from your student system on your network, so that the application can "see it".

**See Important Note Below.

What is the "network path" to where we can put the data that will come from your student system (e.g. students.csv), and be used by the application?​​​​​​​​​
e.g. \\serverIPorName\hiddenFolderName$​​​​​​​

IMPORTANT: In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the destination that you specify above, must be to a SECURE location on a SECURE server, where only the application that needs to use the data and potentially only one or two users at the school can access it. The following video briefly shows how to create a SECURE and HIDDEN file share (ends in $) on a server at the school.

Additionally, the path that you provide must be fully accessible to the "AppSup" account that exists on your school's domain, and be given full READ/WRITE privileges to the folder.

What is the Student System that Data is to be Released From?​​
This Is the Data Source​
What is the Purpose for Releasing Data to the Vendor?​
Be detailed...


Because the system you chose was not in the list ("Other - Not Listed"), the application you're requesting to connect to your student system has not yet been used by any other school in our support region. To help speed the completion of this request, please attach any documentation the vendor might have provided to you, including PDF's and XLS documents which explain the type of data that the system needs, and the options available to share the data with that system.

Max file size: 10 MB**Required
Max file size: 10 MB**Optional​
Max file size: 10 MB**Optional


Using a worst case scenario, identify the date on which it would be most beneficial for the data you're requesting to be delivered to the vendor you specify.​​​​
**Typically this work takes 90 days or more to complete.

A note about your "Requested Date":

We will make every effort to release the data requested in this form to the vendor you identify, on or before the target date you specify.

However, due to many circumstances and requirements which are often largely out of EduTech's control, your request may not be completed by the date you specify above.

For example, if your school is an "early adopter" for an application that is not already widely used by schools in our support region, it can take upwards of 6 months to create the programming required to pass the data in a way the specified vendor requires.

Alternatively, if the vendor allows for data to be shared from your student system via it's pre-built Application Programming Interface (API), it can sometimes take just days to obtain approvals and to complete requests.

For these reasons, we ask for your patience and understanding in situations where added time may be required (i.e. multiple months) to obtain approvals, and to build new partnerships with new software vendors.


What is the preferred full name of the person that we should consider as the contact for this request, including prefix?​​​​​​
Please include the requester's preferred prefix, i.e. Dr. Kenya Jackson, Mr. Mike Smith, etc.​​​ We will work with this person when there are questions or concerns regarding the application you specified above.​​​​​
What is this persons email address?​​​
If a HEAT Work Order has been created by EduTech for this request, please enter it's ID number now.​​
**If Available or Known


What is the Official Name of the District?​​
What is the preferred full name of the district's superintendent, including prefix?​​​​​​​​
Please include the superintendent's preferred prefix, i.e. Dr. Kenya Jackson, Mr. Mike Smith, etc.​​​
What is the email address of the district's superintendent?​​​​
What is the street address for the district?​​
*Include Street, City, State and Zip​​​
What is the mailing address for the district?​​
*Include Street, City, State and Zip​​


Please be thorough when providing the information below, as any incomplete answers could delay the process. When we can contact the right person at the vendor directly, it helps us get started working on your request much sooner then if we try their general contact information.

What is the official business name for the vendor as it would appear on company letterhead?​​​
What is the preferred full name of the contact that we should use for the vendor, including prefix?​​​​
Please include the contact's preferred prefix, i.e. Dr. Kenya Jackson, Mr. Mike Smith, etc.​​​​
What is the email address of the vendor contact you provided above?​​
What is the phone number of the vendor contact you provided above?​
What is the vendor's physical mailing address​​​​?​
*Include Street, City, State and Zip​​​
Please add any additional notes about this vendor that could help us get in touch with the right person(s).​
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